Looking for an active owner in a competitive 4x4 league that's been running since 2011

This is an extremely fun league and the available squad has a solid mix of vets and prospects so you can choose your own adventure. Cutdown deadline is 2/28 and the draft is tentatively set for 3/21.

Hitting highlights:Ramon/Seager/Springer/Torres/LaMahieu.
Pitching Highlights: Grienke/Corbin/Bundy/Burnes
Prospects: Eloy/Kiriloff/McKenzie/Skubal

$20 and the team is yours.

Team Fish: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - team - Imaginary Hammers - Fish

To claim, go here and scroll down to Expired Teams, select team Fish in league Imaginary Hammers: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/claimteams

Team is now claimed, thank you for the promotion Mateo!