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So there was an article written in 2016 that discussed trade talk. Specifically getting everyone to speak the same language when discussing trades, for example definitions for value, surplus, etc. I would like to revisit that article, however I am unable to locate it. Can anyone assist me? Thx

I’m not sure this is what the article talked about, but I’m interested in ranking prospects and player value in the future vs current value of a better player (even if there is no cost savings as a keeper price). I’d love to have something that made that easier in Ottoneu.

Here’s a recent article on some trade advice, but in the middle of the article there is a link to what I think may be that original article you are referring to @superdawg

Two possibilities that might help:

And: https://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/2018-top-100-fantasy-prospects-first-look/
Where the “scorecard” format might be a template you could use for prospect valuation

Thanks for the help. Neither of these was exactly what I was looking for, but it did go to show something I have determined about prospects in Ottoneu (I’m in my 25th year of FLB and 2nd of ottoneu). In regular Ottoneu, prospects are stupid. I keep a couple as trade bait but it’s dumb. This is largely bc I think rebuilding is stupid (an article on RotoGraphs confirmed this mere days ago). I can’t get over what prospects bring in trade in Ottoneu.

thank you for your help

Is this it?


There’s definitely a spectrum of value when it comes to prospects, but it sounds like you are on a far side. I’d caution not to ignore them since in a tight race your competitor may value prospects more and could then trade them for reinforcements that are the difference in a title chase.

You found it. Thank you again!