Looking for New Owner in Active 4th Year League ($50 FGPts)

Hi all,

We’re looking for a new owner to take over a team in league 844, Bat FIPs and BABIPs. This is a $50 FGPts league with 5MiLB rosters. Teams tend to be very active with little turnover in owners year-to-year.

The owner of the Mediocre or Bust team had to bail due to time constraints, but the team has a number of good players at good values:

Includes Tatis ($41), Conforto ($15), Kershaw ($35), Hader ($16), Cease ($9), and Burnes ($5) among others. Also a number of good prospects, including Kelenic, Rutschman, Adell. 5MiLB roster includes Wander Javier (MIN), Francisco Alvarez (NYM), Quinn Priester (PIT).

If you’re interested, let me know!

Update: New owner found!

I’m not super experienced, having only played for a couple of seasons (here and elsewhere) but I would be interested. I’m interested in playing in a long-term league.

I am interested