Looking for new owners: $20 league with $100 LeagueSafe fee and 5milb rosters

In something that you don’t see every day, two co-commissioners didn’t renew their teams. So as the newly enacted commish, we’re looking for new owners for their teams, one team that apparently wanted out all offseason and never got a response from the commissioners and a 4th team that decided to drop as well. There are 4 league championships between the 4 vacant teams, so it’s a good league with some good previous teams that are looking for new managers.
It’s a $20 league with a $100 side pot and 5milb rosters. It’s a private league since there are custom rules, just DM me for the password if you want to join. We’re still discussing it, but we might do a dispersal draft with the new teams. Here are the links to the 4 rosters and the 5milb rosters:

Down to one team left, Rubber Duckies. Come join our league and you’ll get to jump right into a 5milb draft!

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I may be interested in this team. Can you tell me a little more about your league? And the remainder of the off-season schedule for the league looks like? Thanks!

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Great! The league is a standard Ottoneu points league except for 2 custom rules. The first is that each team has a 5-player milb roster that is kept in a Google sheet and is in addition to their standard 40 man roster. The rules are posted in the League Settings page that explain most of it. The only other change is that we have a $100 side-pot that’s in addition to the $20 league fee to Ottoneu. It is paid out to the top 3 teams, just like Ottoneu prize leagues.

Once we have the last team taken over, we’ll schedule our 5milb draft and then the main ottoneu draft. The main draft probably won’t be scheduled until the CBA is resolved.

Alright! If this season ever gets going I’m in. If the team still needs a manager, I’ll take them and I’ll keep the name “Rubber Duckies” for league consistency, I like it. I just will need a couple of days to make some cuts and promote some (2, I think) 5MiLB’ers to open up some spots for me in the 5MiLB draft… I think that’s how it works, right?

Yep, that’s how it works! If you are ready to take the team, I’ll DM you the league password and you can claim the team.

Is Rubber duckies still avaliable, if it is I’m in my emais for password is landry.deschamps@videotron.ca

Thanks, hope to join your league

Not the commissioner, but in the league. We filled the spot last week. Thanks for your interest.

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