Looking for Owners for the Ottoneu Champions League

It’s that time of year when openings are available in the two Ottoneu champions leagues. Any owners who are interested in joining, please respond in the thread with your championship team for more information. You must have won a league in the most recent season (i.e. 2020) to join and it’s a 2 league set up. Really cool competitive owners. Thanks in advance!

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Interested. Team name = Hot Corner






Team: The Heel Clickers

The Dirty Dozen, Bebop champs of 2020.
I am in seven leagues playing since 85 Ottoneu past 3/4 years.

Paulo, can you link to your league please?

Thanks for the interest so far everyone. We will be soliciting interest over the next few days and make decisions on new members hopefully prior to arbitration. Keep speaking up if you’re interested!

Not sure how to do that

Just copy and paste the URL for your league homepage here.



Interested. https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/910/team

Did you mean a different league @TheDirtyO? It does not appear that you won that league.

I’m using a different username in that league. Check the emails on the league profile and here in the community. It’s me. Not trying to scam you!

Super interested!

Who Throws A Shoe?

The /team link only shows your team if you are in that league, otherwise it shows the first team in that league by team ID.

The team that won is https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/910/team?team=6425 and I can confirm that team is co-managed by @TheDirtyO

Bumping this for anyone still interested in the league. We will be taking interest up through Friday.

Very interested.

I have won League 861 all three seasons it has existed:
Team: Mouse Rat

I also picked up a random team in League 137 the night before this season began and won that league too:
Team: Stranger Things

I am excited for the opportunity of a new challenge.



Any update on this? After being the runner-up in my first Ottoneu season last year, I was psyched to win my league this year because it gave me a shot at the Champion League.

We should have our decisions by the end of the day tomorrow, so stay tuned!