Looking for replacement manager, first year FGPTs league

League 1254. It’s a project team… could be fun, but you will have a significant hill to climb before competing. FWIW, I think the free-agent pool is deep and there are several top teams willing to deal for this team’s overpriced studs.

We’re all Ottoneu rookies figuring this out together. Most of us are fairly active managers and we also have a discord channel for smack talk and communications.

Free league this year, but I may bump that up next season to a $50 league. There is also an optional prize pool that 2/3rds of us bought into for this season. I’ll waive your 2022 dues since this team is currently such a financial mess.

Yikes, that’s a hell of a mess right there.
I’d take that challenge.

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haha yeah, it is a mess. Glad to hear you’re up for the challenge. I sent you a dm with the details!

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