Luis Campusano debut incorrectly auto-benched

League 28, St. Neubauten Jimmy Jacks: I put Luis Campusano in the lineup tonight at C well before the 6:40pm PST game time but now he is not showing in the lineup or in Today’s Stats. I am quite certain I did this because I was excited he had been activated, etc. Very disappointed. Is there anyway to verify that I did this and to get tonight’s stats (which, of course, happen to be good…)

My only ‘proof’ is that Campusano was entered into my next day, September 5th, lineup at C by being put in today’s lineup, and that’s exactly where you’ll find him at present (though I must say that I did adjust the Sept. 5th lineup a bit later). Also, finally, I find it quite suspicious that this dropping out of the lineup has happened with a player making his first MLB appearance. Bug?

Did you have “auto-bench” enabled?

I believe the issue was that one of our data providers didn’t have Luis Campusano’s ID set up properly, which resulted in the system believing he was not playing when he was in fact playing. For teams with auto-bench, this would result in Luis Campusano being moved to the bench at gametime incorrectly.

I’ve corrected this for the 5 teams that I found affected. If your team was affected and it wasn’t fixed, let me know.

Thanks, Niv, very much. I did in fact have auto-bench enabled. The matter is resolved for me.

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