Making the Watchlist More Useful for Multi-League Owners

I would use a function that allowed you to maintain two watchlists, one that was league-specific and one that persisted across all your leagues. Another way to do this would be to have two options when you add a player to the watchlist: “Add To Watchlist - This League” and “Add to Watchlist - All Leagues.” For example, I would use the latter when there was a widely unowned player that I am generally interested in for all my leagues, and the former when I specifically am looking for a 2B for this specific league, etc.


I really like this idea. I just went through and added a few guys to all my watchlists and it’s a drawn out process compared to “add to all” or even “add where a FA” or something.

Is it possible to have a check box to add players to watch list in all leagues with one click.

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I was going to ask for this as well. I often add the same player to the watchlist in all my leagues so would be useful to have that cross all teams/leagues.

I expect to engage with this either over the weekend or next week.


I was just about to make this request! :slight_smile:

Towards the bottom of player pages, you can see a player’s status in other leagues you are in. That table now includes a watchlist star, so you can easily add or remove a player from your watchlist in other leagues.

I believe this change makes it easier and quicker to add a player to watchlists for multiple teams/leagues.


This is such a better experience. Nicely done.

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Fantastic update!

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This extremely positive response reminds me that @hahiggins gets a Genie badge for the suggestion.

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