Manager wanted - $50 FGPts, mature league; Soto, Bregman, Bogaerts, Buehler, Nola

We’re looking for a new owner in a $50 FGPts league that’s in its 6th season.

The team is in a solid position to complete with Soto, Bregman, Bogaerts, Buehler, Nola + a $6 Verlander and some prospects to build around, too.

The league will be extending the keeper deadline past 2/15 (final date TBD) with a round of penalty free cuts for all owners once a CBA is signed, though trading will still end on 2/15.

Reach out if interested!

Brian (commish)

Hi I’m interested in this team, I guess it’s a private league (didn’t see it on claiming page) please send me password if you want me in. I’m an experienced Ottoneu owner

Private leagues will show up on the claim teams page with a lock next to the Claim link.

This team has a manager and may have been claimed before you wrote your message.