Matchup Ratings on the Football Lineup Page

On the eve of the beginning of the NFL season, I’ve added matchup ratings provided by to the lineup page

The mobile lineup page has been optimized to display the matchup ratings and hide more in-depth stats:

Hopefully this adds some clarity to those tough game-day start/sit decisions!


I actually have a couple of follow-up questions for the community on this:

  1. Would baseball players be interested in something like this down the line?

  2. How do we feel about presentation? I think each player is taking up enough vertical space right now, but I also considered moving the matchups to a third line under the player name so that mobile could display a little bit more information.

  3. Would you like seeing matchup ratings from multiple providers or is one star rating good enough?

I’m a fan of the multiple lines, would love to see that in baseball. My preference would be to see pts/g (and pts/ip in baseball) where matchup is at the moment and bump that down if it looks okay.

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Oh nice, these are cool. I also would be a fan of matchup ratings in baseball, I use them in my Yahoo league from time to time when I’m having trouble making a starting decision.

I like having the ratings in their own column as well instead of making a third row under each player for them.

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