Matchups page a little funky on mobile

Portrait mode is like hiding the players and the columns are off

Landscape mode looks better

*taken from my LG Chocolate

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Have the same issue. Android 11 on a Samsung S21.

It works fine once I switch to landscape orientation.

Aware of this.


Lol I couldn’t remember the one that turned sideways and played TV (on like a 2 inch screen :laughing: )

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Just bumping this to see if any headway. I know it doesn’t affect gameplay, but just curious.

Ha I was just working on this! Just deployed a fix that should make matchups pages much more usable on mobile. @mmaude lemme know how it looks on that LG Chocolate


Fantastic, this looks great!! Thank you!!

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I was able to upgrade to a Sidekick, and the matchups page looks stunning there!! :smiley: Thanks Niv


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I’m going to take a similar pass on the lineups page soon