Measures Combating Collusive Activities

Now that a competitively unbalanced setting has been added for FA Auction tie-breakers, I feel the issue of potential collusive activities on the platform has been increased.

I would like to see the game better inform owners regarding both the number of Ottoneu leagues a user is in as well as how many leagues the user may share with other owners in the league. Presently to find this information you must navigate to the owner’s profile, check each individual league, and check each individual team in that league. This proposal would put the information next to the User’s ID name on the Roster page. An example of this would be:

Manager is in “X” no. Ottoneu Leagues (“Y” no. SABR Points Leagues and “Z” no. FanGraphs Points Leagues)
Manager is in “A” no. Leagues with TEAM 1, “B” no. Leagues with TEAM 2, and “C” no. Leagues with TEAM 3

While there are plenty of reasons for managers to share leagues, having this information gathered in the central location of the team’s roster page would better give league members more complete information that is already available through a more extensive search of each User ID. This would better help spot and deter the possibility of collusive or other abnormal ownership activities within the platform.

Section VIII, c. of the Ottoneu Rules states: “Under no circumstances can administration fees be transferred from one team to another.”

This is again stated on the Terms page, as is a paragraph under “Legal Disclaimers” regarding the disqualification of any individual from a prize league for “any conduct ottoneu, Inc. deems to be improper, unfair or otherwise adverse to the operation of the Contest or detrimental to other entrants.”

I would like to see any measures that are used to enforced these statements displayed on the Rules page. For example (and not limited to):

  • Are dues for teams in the same prize league allowed to be paid from the same PayPal account?
  • Are multiple logins from the same IP address for different teams in the same prize league monitored/recorded in any way?
  • Is the data for multiple User ID and prize league connections aggregated to identify any potential member abuses?

As with the “user information” proposal above, while there may be valid reasons for these instances to be true, there should be measures in place to ensure the honesty of all prize leagues and customers should be informed as to what they are.

This hasn’t been added or implemented and the proposal is not “competitively unbalanced”. I would appreciate it if you would be honest in your framing of that issue.

If there are activities you consider collusive happening in your leagues, please email I’m not sure knowing the web of shared leagues between owners is a particularly useful metric, unless you are implying that owner A would help owner B out in one league for owner B helping owner A out in another? If that needs to be investigated, it absolutely can be.

No, they are not. We flag these transactions immediately. This is true in all leagues, not just prize leagues.

Yes, they are. If you have suspicions about this kind of behavior, please email

If there is collusive activity that needs to be investigated, we obviously have information on every league every owner is in and can investigate accordingly. Please email if you have concerns about collusion in your league.