Message Board page interface tweak for mobile

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Hi Niv.

I’m a new Ottoneu player and have found myself repeatedly entering new message text in the message board search field by accident on mobile.

I suspect this is because, on mobile (iOS Safari and Chrome tested) the new message text entry field is much narrower than the message board search field. So I unconsciously gravitate to the wider search field by mistake.

I can think of two possible tweaks to make the interface goober-proof on mobile:

a) Move the ‘characters remaining’ display above the ‘send a message’ button, so it’s clearer what text entry field the ‘characters remaining’ display is associated with.

b) Make the new message entry field ~3 lines high, so it’s obviously larger vertically than the search field.


Yeah good call out, I’ll check out making the search less of the primary thing there.

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I’ve made a couple of changes to make it more obvious where the new message to the message board should go.

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Looks great, thanks!

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