MiLB only ottoneu league?

Let’s say a couple weeks from now the ending of the lockout looks bleak and rumors have the MLB season being delayed until June. Any chance of forming an MiLB players only league to play during the next few months or is getting access to MiLB stats to use a different animal? People would auction/roster only minor league players and play the game normally knowing minor league games are actually happening. Can see the league deciding beforehand that the season would end on July 4th, the standings then would decide the winners, and people can get back to their normal MLB leagues.

Hopefully, this great idea becomes a moot point and the two sides come to an agreement within the next two weeks and we can get on with a normal MLB season.

…good job, good effort


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I would be happy to sign up for a minor league fantasy baseball team right now. I can’t imagine the logistics of such a thing, but they will be starting in April as planned.

This is simply not going to happen.

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