Missing Arbitration Results Overview

When looking for arbitration results for my 4 leagues I only see the teams that didn’t do arbitration. I was expecting to also see the overall Aribtration results including teams with total $ allocated, total salary and list of players who had arb applied.


Yeah it’s missing

Based on going through the history of this page, this is apparently what the arb results page always has looked like. There has never been an overview table.

I obviously thought there was one, but it was the Mandela Effect or whatever.

I’ll look into adding one sometime soon.

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Hi Niv,

At the close of arbitration you used to be able to see who allocated what $$$ to your players. Has this gone away with the above changes or am I missing it? Thanks!

This thread should give you full context on what is going on, but there’s a dropdown on the arbitration results page and you can select a team there and it will show you all the details of the arbtration from and to that team.

There are some summary tables on the arbitration results page now. Details are available by selecting a team from the dropdown at the top.


Thank you for hooking us up with the overview!

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