Multi-position eligibility / position changes for 2017

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Since the last thread was locked wanted to bring this back up here. I know it’s a rarity, but just wanted to see what the status of this will be for 2017. Ty Montgomery has been used as a RB on over 70% of snaps since mid October and just had a 160+ yard rushing day… and still no RB eligibility. ESPN and Yahoo have made the switch to RB/WR eligibility, and while CBS hasn’t they’ve given Commissioners the ability to do it manually.

Pushing the responsibility off exclusively to the data provider was the last answer in the last thread and that seems insufficient since the data provider has failed to make the update this year nor have they provided clarity on what it would take to do so. Would be good to maybe re-investigate whether this is something that control of can be passed to the leagues or if there is a way to set some solid guidelines for next season - say, a certain % of snaps over a certain number of games, and force the change whether the data provider does so or not.