Need 1 Owner in league 845 H2H FGPTS

Someone elected to leave the league today so scrambling to find a replacement in our 12 team H2H FGPTS league.

Hi, wondering if you still have an opening in your league? If you can share details of your league, I might be interested in taking the spot. I’m a long time fantasy player of various formats. Never done Ottoneu before, but it sounds like an interesting challenge. Thanks.

Sure. We’re a 12 team H2H FGPTs that has been around since 2005. We started at CBS and moved over to Ottoneu the first year of H2H. It’s pretty competitive as most Otto leagues tend to be. We don’t have a ton of turnover. This was the first time we had two openings. Unfortunately, a longtime member, and friend, passed away, and then the team with this opening dropped last second.

I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I unfortunately had a friend pass away this past season in my home league as well. It was very sad and unexpected. Did not enjoy having to try and find a replacement for him this off-season.

So The Sandlot is the open team, and it looks like your league is $20 to play? I would be interested in trying this out, though I’ve never done an Otto league before. Not sure if you were looking for an experienced Otto leaguer?