Need one owner for League 93

OG league entering it’s 11th year just lost an original owner. Looking for our next long-term companion–not a one or two year visit.

$100 buy-in with payouts 1st - 5th.
Fangraphs Points League
$500 hard cap (net).

The exiting manager’s entire roster has been cut, and will be available at Draft along with year-end free agents and post-arbitration, pre-Keeper deadline cuts. We have handled all new teams in this manner since league inception, and it has not proven to be a substantial competitive disadvantage.

We have a lively, active group, and typically try to meet for in-person auctions, most recently held in central Pennsylvania. Someone who could, and would have interest in attending in-person auctions (in normal, non-pandemic years) is preferred.

An affinity for occasional ribbing, light-hearted humor, and a deflated sense of self-importance are key.

Interested parties, reach out!