Need one owner for scheduled draft tonight at 9pm est (all set - thanks)

( (Old Man TC’s …) - 1 teams available (Old Man) - listed on available teams on claim page. Draft March 18th 9pm EST

Draft tonight has not yet been cancelled yet as of noon today so please help if you can.


Owner has been found. Thanks to those that stopped by.

I am in that still need for an owner:

( (Just a bit outside ) 1 team available (Number Crunchers) Number is on expired teams list. Draft 25th at 9:00pm. Also should note that this league uses the vote-off system so be aware that the player in red is going to be available at the draft. See rule section for more info on the vote-off system if not aware of how it works.

Thanks again.

Still have Number Crunchers available.