Need owners for multiple 5x5 $20 no payout leagues (all full now - 3/19)

I am sending out a request for owners for multiple 5x5 $20 leagues currently listed on the claim team page. The leagues I am in are Old Man TC’s, The Captain’s Table, and Just a bit Outside. These are good leagues with a solid base of owners, they just have had owners that no longer had time or were in to many leagues and needed to cut back. Captain’s table already has a draft day of March 8th at 5:00 est, the other two are waiting to find owners before draft date set. Please help. Thanks.

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Additional note - the teams are in both the available teams and expired teams sections of the claim team page. All are welcome to join so if you are new to Ottoneu check these leagues out as they are very friendly leagues to all owner types.

Make sure to reach out to people who posted on the Available Owners board:

Update: (Old Man TC’s …) - 1 teams available (Old Man) - listed on available teams on claim page. Draft March 18th 9pm EST (League of Bleacher …) 1 teams available (Cornbelters) - listed as expired teams on claim page. Draft March 20th 8:30pm (Just a bit outside ) 1 team available (Number Crunchers) Number is on expired teams list. Draft 25th at 9:00pm. Also should note that this league uses the vote-off system so be aware that the player in red is going to be available at the draft. See rule section for more info on the vote-off system if not aware of how it works.


Old Man and Cornbelters claimed - Number Crunchers still available as of 4pm est 3/18

I’ve never played Ottoneu before. Are any of these available leagues suitable for a newbie like myself? I also live in France, so would that hinder draft times? Thanks.

These leagues see a “newbie” come in now and then and have owners that are very welcoming and willing to answer any questions you may have. Personally I would start with a team either in the Old Man league or the League of Bleacher Exec. being new to the format. As for the draft, since the times for these leagues have been set (Eastern time zone start times) you will need to decide if you can make it or not ( I think you are looking at 3:00am next day start times for you.). Draft usually takes about 2 to 3 hours. I hope you are willing to give one of these leagues a chance, but I thank you for the inquiry regardless of your decision.

Just grabbed Lumber Inc in #174. I am assuming I can have a cut day? :slight_smile:

I’m not the commish, but I believe the rules do allow you 1 set of cuts. Thanks for joining.

P&G in Old Man and Lumber Inc. in Bleacher have been claimed.

The other teams listed are still available. Please help and thanks.

Jacob from the Bleacher league has been claimed - the league still has one spot left (Cornbelters).

Old Man league still has team Old Man available

3 teams on Just a Bit are also still available (draft for Just a Bit is currently set at March 25th at 9:00pm est.)

Thanks for looking.

I am new to Ottneu - but I would like to claim a team in the “Just a Bit” league - do I need to contact the commissioner to claim a team?

Some leagues (private leagues) have passwords, and so you’ll need to contact the commissioner. Others (public leagues) do not have a password and you can claim it without contacting the commissioner.

The leagues should be public so they just need to be claimed. Some teams are listed in the “available teams” list and others in the “expired teams” list.


still have spots available.

This is the page you need:

Niv - he already join one of the leagues, but thanks.

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Still have openings and one of the leagues has draft date set for this Wednesday so please help.

Thanks. (Old Man TC’s …) - 1 teams available (Old Man) - listed on available teams on claim page. Draft March 18th 9pm EST

This league has a scheduled draft tomorrow and we still need an owner - please help.


Cornbelters and Old Man have been claimed. Number Crunchers still available.