Need owners for multiple 5x5 $20 no payout leagues

I am sending out a request for owners for multiple 5x5 $20 leagues currently listed on the claim team page. The leagues I am in are Old Man TC’s, The Captain’s Table, and Just a bit Outside. These are good leagues with a solid base of owners, they just have had owners that no longer had time or were in to many leagues and needed to cut back. Captain’s table already has a draft day of March 8th at 5:00 est, the other two are waiting to find owners before draft date set. Please help. Thanks.

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Additional note - the teams are in both the available teams and expired teams sections of the claim team page. All are welcome to join so if you are new to Ottoneu check these leagues out as they are very friendly leagues to all owner types.

Make sure to reach out to people who posted on the Available Owners board:

Update: (Old Man TC’s …) - 2 teams available (Old Man and P&G) - listed as available teams on claim page. Draft March 18th 9pm EST (League of Bleacher …) 3 teams available ( Lumber Inc, Jacob High Rollers, Cornbelters) - listed as expired teams on claim page. Draft March 20th 8:30pm (Just a bit outside ) 3 teams available ( Boys of Summer, Number Crunchers, Hosue Stark ) House is listed with available teams on claim page, Boys add Number on expired teams list. Draft TBD