New $100 FGPts League - Slow Auction and MiLB$0

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Hi All,

I’m looking to start a new $100 FGPts League that would begin a slow auction ASAP as a way to stay engaged over the next few months in lieu of a free-agency period. Ideally, this would be completed early enough for the keeper deadline of January 31st, giving owners time to trade for and cut players (overbidding happened in other leagues I’ve played in this way). Then a normal auction would occur prior to the season for any other roster additions that a player may want.

In addition, there will be a MiLB$0 structure for rostering additional minor league players, as outlined in the League 836 Charter. Players may draft up to 15 minor league players in the inaugural draft immediately following the League Auction in March. MiLB rosters will then only be altered three times per year as outlined in the article above.

Here’s a link to the League:

Or PM me for an invite