New $250 League for the Spring


I am going to set up the league on Jan 19. Once everyone is signed we can set a draft date. I will message everyone on the confirmed list and send a password so u can sign it. The draft will take some time to complete so I was thinking of having it run for two consecutive days. I will take a vote from the 12 team once everyone is in.

  1. Mike…


Going to try and pull from some of the leagues I am in…We will be a go on Jan 19. U will get an invite on that date.


Are you using a slow draft? If so I would be interested.


Also, I use slack daily but rarely check this board. Are you going to have a league channel on slack?


I think a slow draft is difficult due to the bid process. I am open to putting info on Slack but I would need a vote from the 12 owners once the draft is done. I would use both ottoneu and slack to post info. I will set it up and the 12 teams will have equal say. I plan on drafting for two days at this point because of how much time it takes. That might change as soon as we have out 12 teams I will leave it up to them.


whats the good word?


Setting up the league sat…I will send everyone an message.


Need anyone else? I am game if you do.


Sure I will send u a message on sat as soon as I set the league up.


League has been set up as a points league. 12 team. It made me put a draft day in which I listed as March 1 but I will change it after the 12 teams get in. If anyone wants to send me an email address I will send out an invite or u can join from the dashboard. Any questions let me know.



I am still interested. (I can’t remember if you emailed me yet already?)


Here’s my email address to use:


Number 55 must have been a lb. email sent


Looking for a few new owners in a $250 Pts league.


6 spots left in a new $250 points league. Hope to have it filled by Feb 1.


Down to 4 owners left to fill the league.


Let’s get this thing filled! Come on people!!


Down to three spots left. Fantasy baseball usually kicks off after the SB. Hope to have it filled by the end of the week. Just an update.