New $250 League for the Spring


I am going to set up the league on Jan 19. Once everyone is signed we can set a draft date. I will message everyone on the confirmed list and send a password so u can sign it. The draft will take some time to complete so I was thinking of having it run for two consecutive days. I will take a vote from the 12 team once everyone is in.

  1. Mike…


Going to try and pull from some of the leagues I am in…We will be a go on Jan 19. U will get an invite on that date.


Are you using a slow draft? If so I would be interested.


Also, I use slack daily but rarely check this board. Are you going to have a league channel on slack?


I think a slow draft is difficult due to the bid process. I am open to putting info on Slack but I would need a vote from the 12 owners once the draft is done. I would use both ottoneu and slack to post info. I will set it up and the 12 teams will have equal say. I plan on drafting for two days at this point because of how much time it takes. That might change as soon as we have out 12 teams I will leave it up to them.