New 5x5 roto league. 50$ tier. Need owners

Looking for 5-6 owners for new league, all current members are experienced in fantasy but new to ottoneu.

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long time fantasy player also new to ottoneu. I would be interested. contact me.

I am interested. Longtime fantasy player looking for a new challenge. Please contact me.

I’m interested let me know

I’m definitely interested, I’ve played fantasy baseball for about ten years now and am looking for a competitive, active league. Let me know if there is still slots available.

I’m interested, been playing fantasy on ESPN for a while and I’m looking for an active league

Are there spots still open?

Interested in joining if you’ve still got an open spot.

Dawgs, I have an open spot in a league I’m trying to make

Shoot me a personal message - going to have to head to work now. Will get back to you later tonight.

I’m interested in joining as well @martinobertolotti

Smiller, ok it’s 4x4 league $50 draft is planned for tomorrow 6:30 pacific

cool how do i get in?

never mind I see it. do you think it’ll fill up in time before draft?

My league is the push bunt, and yes we have 10 confirmed they just haven’t signed up yet. You’d make 11 if you know another guy that’s be great. Also I can change draft day if I have too.

Awesome sounds great. I’ll see if I can find another

Hi …interested in joining your league if you have any spots left?

let me know and thank you…Steve (

any openings left and how many?

Hey all, this $50 5x5 league is about half full. Shoot me an email if you’re looking to join.

Interested if you have spots open.