New League, h2h SABR points. $50

This is going to be a “discord” league. Trying to increase engagement and create a league with as little turnover as possible. Have about 6 people in the discord as of now but still deciding on some of the settings we want to use for the league. If interested feel free to join the discord Ottoneu Discord Dynasty and all the ottoneu sign up stuff is there.

to clarify, this is our league discord page, not like an official Ottoneu discord or anything lol

How many teams have committed to the league as of now? A buddy and I are looking to co-manage a team this year but are ideally looking for a new league that has a lot of spots filled already so we can draft before opening day.

Will keep this league in mind but also were looking at $75-100 league buy-ins since we’d be splitting any potential winnings.

Hey, so right now we have 11. We have two people in our discord chat that I’m waiting to hear back from. If one of them is in, and one is out, we would be good to go with 12. If both are in we would be looking for a 14th. I can keep you updated if you’d like. We are planning to start the draft asap using couch managers for our slow auction.

Just as a heads up, a $50 league is definitely not going to 14…

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Good to know, thanks.

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Yes, please keep me updated. Absolutely down to get in on this if the other guy falls through. I’ll keep my eyes out for an update. Would be stoked to start drafting asap.

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hey, you still down for this league? we are at 11/12 and drafting asap

Yes still down!

Ottoneu Discord Dynasty hop on in here…the ottoneu link and password, and couchmanager link and password are all in here

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Are you still looking for another manager?

Hey, we filled that league, but I’m starting a new one. You want in on that?

Ah, OK. Thanks for the reply. What’s the format of the new one and how many managers are you at so far? Or is it the same group of people?

Hey, the new one is a h2h SABR or FANG points. And it’s a totally new group of people. Let me know and I can shoot you a discord invite.

Thanks, I would love to join.

here you go

are you still looking for managers?