New minor league levels not mapping?

It looks like the new complex leagues aren’t mapping correctly on the player profiles:

For instance in Brandon Marsh’s player page:

From the MLB transactions he’s with the ACL Angels:

FanGraphs page:

Not really sure what level “ROS” means, but maybe that?

My brain is fried, I was looking at the FG DC rest of season projections.

I don’t see ACL Angels on his FG page though…

Ha, yeah, I was like, “wait, ROS means…ooooh!”.

I’m not sure where the data is coming from, but you can see it on bref:

And the MLB page:

Maybe fangraphs hasn’t figured out how to display it yet? But it is in a data feed?

They seem to call it Rookie ball, which I guess makes sense if its going to be mostly for rehab.

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Yeah FanGraphs has Arizona Complex in their system and it just does not have a level, which seems honestly more accurate than arbitrarily calling it rookie ball, since it lives outside of the minor league hierarchy.

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Yeah, that makes sense. Although MLB does show “ROK” for the level on their pages (and Savant).

MLBAM isn’t quite as official as you might think with those designations. They almost certainly just added something arbitrary because otherwise the site would break.

We don’t have a ton of control over the league level, so I’m ok with how FG handles this and the question is welcome to be raised with them or Sports Info Solutions, our ultimate data provider.

Gotcha, yeah I could see them doing a ctrl-h on AZL to ACL and keeping the levels. They’re essentially using them the same way from what I’ve seen. I mean, the league page is even the same (The Official Site of the Arizona Complex League | Arizona Complex League), and they haven’t updated the logo there, still AZL, heh.

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Hilarious! Ok well I’m gonna leave this open for now, but it seems … mostly fine for how ham-fisted this transition has been. Maybe they’ll have an official level next year.

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I should probably mention, the only reason I noticed this was that he shows no level when he shows up on the lineup page. So I was like, “he was called up!?”, haha. In case anyone gets confused, Brandon Marsh (and Jasson Dominguez I suppose) is not in the majors :rofl:

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