New Player Cutting Teeth: New League or Claimed Team?

This will be my first year playing Ottoneu. I’ve been playing in a not-very-competitive 10-team snake draft CBS keeper league for the past 15 years. Between the new format, doing an auction, and the possibility playing in a roto league for the first time, I know my learning curve will be sharp in my first season. I’m trying to decide if I’d be better off starting with a newly drafted team or if I claim a team that needs to be overhauled.

A key question I have is: how many player are typically kept in an Ottoneu league? If I were to be allowed penalty-free cuts, and went hard on a current roster, would I just end up re-drafting a lot of those same players? I’m not sure I’d have the patience to do a slow rebuild on a team that I’m not immediately interested in.

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I usually keep 18-22 players on average, but there’s a league this year where I’m keeping 30. It really depends on whether you have players that offer surplus or not.

I will cut players and try to get them back for cheaper at auction. It doesnt always work, but small savings can add up. For example, in one league I cut a $31 K. Marte and a $10 Leiter and got them back at auction for $30 and $6, respectively. So $5 extra that I wouldn’t have pocketed had I simply kept them. It’s a calculated risk.

In terms of a startup vs an established league with a vacant team… at this point in the pre-season, there are relatively slim pickings for established leagues with vacant teams. You might actually find a wider selection among the new leagues right now. For example, if you wanted to do a 5x5, your only choice would be a new league.

When I first played Ottoneu, I just jumped into it with two startup leagues. I had 25 years of experience back then, including auctions, but there was still something of a learning curve. But it’s something that you can figure out.


I’m in a similar boat. My long lasting league is pretty casual and we tried Ottoneu last year. I loved it but our league didn’t survive lol. Wanting to start a new one (slow draft) so let me know if you go new route vs team takeover

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At this time of year, a new league is your only really option.

One of the unique parts of Ottoneu is that it is year round so if you were looking in July or October or January, picking up a team in an established league would be the right call so you could immediately start experiencing the year-round team-building. But this close to Opening Day? Start or join a new league and get it filled up.

If you aren’t able to fill the league or draft in a reasonable amount of time, the commissioner can always cancel the league and get everyone a refund, so it is pretty low-risk.


Player salaries are all pretty lumped together after the first year draft. After a few years everything gets distributed more evenly. I think our year 5 draft was the most enjoyable yet, lots of talent was available and folks have a good handle on their budgets.

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if you’re looking for a new league, here is one I just made, check it out.