No More SPs

In Ottoneu FGPTs can we discard the distinction between SPs and RPs? Let any pitcher pitch on any given day. 10 slots. 10 pitchers.

And get rid of points for holds and saves.

With this, relievers will retain their relative value to starters, but team owners will still need starters.

Got to say Henry I hate that idea. In my opinion in FGpts leagues the pitching is right. In head to dead I think the 10 starts are way to much. I do get the point the amount of starts in head to head is governed by the commish. Can u imagine someone rolling out ten sp for a single day. Just my opinion tho as a guy that wants a leash put on SP. I would be up for increasing the value a little with RP in giving more points for saves…

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I’m not ready to discard the SP v RP distinction on the lineup page yet. I think it would make Ottoneu even more niche than it already is, and I’m not sure what there is to gain in doing this.