# of trades notification still showing after canceled?

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I’m in league 800 and have had the situation described below happen twice this year. Curious if this is a known bug or something new?

A trade is proposed involving my team. Later, the trade is auto-canceled because an involved player was included in a trade that was accepted involving 2 other teams. However, the “1” notification number that hovers over the Trade button on the navigation bar continues to show up, and clicking on the Trade button doesn’t resolve it.

The first time it happened, it stayed around for a few days then disappeared. The second time it started 3 days ago and it hasn’t resolved yet.

Thanks for all your hard work on the site, Niv - love playing Ottoneu!

Great bug description, I have a good idea what is going on here and it will be fixed this week.


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I believe this should be fixed going forward. Bug catcher for OP.

Resolved on my end - will update if I see it again. Thanks for your responsiveness, Niv!