Official Scorer Wins

So this might sound a bit weird, but in the Cardinals game today, Hicks came in in what was ostensibly a save situation in the seventh with the Cardinals leading 6-3, and threw a scoreless inning. Normally this would be scored a hold, but the official scorer granted Hicks the win since the Cardinals’ starter only threw 4.2 innings. I feel like since there are no points awarded for wins in Fangraphs Points I should still get credit for the hold. Any thoughts?

My immediate response is that owners of Hicks got pretty hosed by the scorer! Holds and Wins are both at scorer discretion though, right?

Man, that is brutal. Interested to hear what other people think about this!

I imagine Roto owners of Hicks may have a different perspective as well as points players at the alphabet and wazoo sites…

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While we can think the official scorer’s decision is odd or even wrong, they are the “official” scorer. If you open up the official scorer’s decision here for adjustment, what about the many terrible decisions made by official scorers on hits versus errors that impact both the pitchers and the batters points? It opens up a whole new set of problems if we start asking Niv to override official scorer’s decisions. Based on the box score, I can see the logic of the official scorer in giving Hicks the win.


Yeah, Neris seemed to miss out on a Save in yesterday’s Phillies game too.

He came in and got the final out in the 9th, with the Phillies leading by 3 - but the At Bat app doesn’t show him getting a save (even though the three previous relievers all got a Hold).


I believe the official rules only give a hold or save if the pitcher pitched a full inning with a lead of 3 runs or less, OR the tying run was in the on-deck circle.

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