Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

Jordan Hicks has been added!

Please add jack flaherty.

Jack Flaherty is in the system:

Can JP Sears be added?

JP Sears has been added

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Picky request, but could Carlos Sanchez have his name changed to Yolmer Sanchez?

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Yolmer Sanchez’s name has been updated

National’s catcher Pedro Severino isn’t in the system.

Pedro Severino has been added!

Could you add Logan Warmoth, SS, TOR

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Could you add Brandon Marsh, OF, LAA

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Could you add Colton Welker, 3B, COL

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Could you add Nolan Jones, 3B, CLE

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Could you add Sam Carlson, RHP, SEA

Logan Warmoth, Brandon Marsh, Colton Welker, Nolan Jones, and Sam Carlson have all been added!


Could you also add DJ Peters OF LAD

He’s already in there it seems, let me know if you have issues finding him.

Stephen Alemais, please.

Stephen Alemais has been added