Official Thread for Fantasy Baseball Player Addition

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Not yet! I was waiting for someone to request him. @LuckyStrikes has put together a special badge for you!

Shohei Ohtani has been added!

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I feel so special and loved by all! :yum:


Thanks Niv, found him but by directly entering the url to pull up his player page (using the player id you supplied). He’s not showing up using player search. Is it because he is marked as retired?

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Ah, you’re right! He hasn’t been active in the majors in 3 years. I’ll revisit that sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Please add Yoshihisa Hirano - RP ARI

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Yoshihisa Hirano has been added

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SP Jesus Lazardo (OAK) isn’t listed.

His last name is spelled ‘Luzardo’.

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Kazuhita Makita P SDP

He’s been added under ‘Kazuhisa Makita’, per this article

Yep, I spelled it wrong. I promise I am not as dumb as my last few posts make me seem haha.

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Yoshihisa Hirano is ilsted as Util, but is this actually the RP, ARIZ? There is no FG profile.

Yes, he doesn’t have a FanGraphs profile yet, so the system doesn’t know anything about what positions he plays, etc.

Can we get Jordan Hicks added?

He’s been in the system a while - are you searching for him by name including Minor Leagues?

My bad, I was searching minor leaguers but only RP and not SP. Thanks for the near immediate response!

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Julio Pablo Martinez?

Julio Pablo Martinez has been added

This is turning out to be an awesome elite badge @bdmorris.jr

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