One spot open in $50 league (Year 2)

We have an owner that has not renewed (or made cuts yet). New owner would have an extended deadline to make the cuts. Team link is below:

I may be interested in assuming the open team. Can you give me a few more league details and next activities (deadlines)/

Thank you.


League has been together for one year, but there were a few owner changes from last season to this (I think 3-4). The rest of the league is very active with trades/pickups/messaging. Draft is not scheduled yet, but we try to do it the weekend before opening day (or as close to opening day as we can get with everyone attending). Deadline for cutting players is tomorrow, but if we get a team after that date they will be able to cut without penalty. Is there anything else in specific you want to know about the league?

What are the cut rules? Can you only keep a certain number of players or $ value?

I’m pretty sure I’ll take the team. Just have to avoid a draft on Saturday, March 23rd as I am in local league that drafts that night.

You can cut anyone you want right now and it won’t count against your salary cap. Following 1/31 anyone you cut will follow the standard ottoneu rules (1/2 their salary rounded up will be counted against your salary cap). And you can keep anyone you want, you just have to be able to field a team of 40 players to have a valid team (ie you can’t keep $430 worth of players, or have $394 in salary with 10 open slots). As long as you have 40 players and a cap at $400 or under start the year, your team will be good to go

Sounds good. I’m in as long as draft is not March 23rd. Can we avoid that date?

Yeah we wouldn’t draft on a day that someone couldn’t. And the draft should take much less time than last year since most teams keep ~20+ players

Sounds good. How do I claim the team?

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Find the league: Minor league moneyball. The team name is Gleyber’s Day. It is found under the “expired teams” header near the bottom of the page

I have claimed the team. Since today is the 30th, do I need to have my cuts done by tomorrow or can a get a day or 2 extension?

You can definitely have a few day extension if you need it. I will just manually remove the players from your team, so you can shoot me a message with who you want to cut and I will remove them.

Question: Where can I find the scoring for the league and where can I view available free agents to help my in my cut list decisions?

Thank you.

I found the scoring, but not the available player pool.

Click “Players” or the baseball icon and look for the link to the FanGraphs Free Agent leaderboard.

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