OPL "your other teams" ranks incorrect

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I’m sure this is just cosmetic, but on the OPL home page where “your other teams” are listed (if you have any), the teams show the incorrect rank. For instance, this team (Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - team - North American Fantasy Baseball - TINSTAAPP Wasteland) is currently 5th, but shows as 9th:

A team in another league brought it up as he thought it was showing what place they would be in if they had joined the OPL, heh. That seems like a cool feature, though I’m sure running best ball for every team in the ottoverse is likely a non-starter.

Is this possibly prior season rank? Since that would determine eligibility for future OPL seasons?

Yeah it’s last year’s rank. No reason to show it once the season starts I guess but also /shrug

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Rank won’t show up now during the OPL / Ottoneu season.

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