Ottoneu 20 Team League


So this is not a dynasty league, correct? Two-year commitment though?


All Ottoneu leagues are dynasty leagues. 40 man rosters, $400 cap.


Oh thank you, haha. Need to re-read the rules apparently.


A summary post of where you’re going to land on league parameters would be helpful for recruiting.


We may have to use Couch Managers (or some combo of both CM and auction) because the standard auction process won’t protect against a team accidentally going well over the salary cap. Could start the process with auction with the top 100 players (by average price) and finish with some other format, but open to discussion. Will defer to @millercharley


I’d be willing to do this if we couch manager the initial draft. I won’t comitt to two years up front though and I think you’ll have a hard time getting 20 owners to do that. This will either be awesome or horrible based on the number of teams.


Talked to Trey already, but highly encourage CouchManagers. Use that for both my Ottoneu leagues and it matches up with well with salary cap and roster spots, and similar to Ottoneu and Nov, it’s run by one guy and he’s very responsive if there are issues and players to be added!


We’re favoring Couch Managers for a slow auction over using Ottoneu’s in-season silent auction mechanism.

Started a Google Doc tracking the league setup here:


I sent Trey a message on Slack as well. If there are any openings, I’d be interested in joining the league. Thanks.


There was one person ahead of you on the waitlist who just got into the league with a dropout. You’re on deck. We’re starting the slow auction tomorrow so stay tuned.


Hey if anyone does have to drop out, please email me and let me know. I want to make sure anyone who drops out of this league gets a refund and anyone who picks up a team pays for the season. I took care of the one dropout already - you may want to check team renewal dates in the Commissioner Tools…


Thanks. I’m ready if there is a spot. Would be fun.

I’ve never done a slow auction here (have done elsewhere a slow snake draft). If I do get in, I may need a brief intro to the process.