Ottoneu Baseball Championship Badge

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#204 4 time league champ.

Badge me please. Thanks.


Badged! Congrats.




Congrats on your win, and that $62 Trout and $44 Bryant form a nice foundation for a 2017 repeat, too.


Just a heads up to the @community that I finally figured out how to award multiple Championship badges (one per championship), so for those of you that have won multiple seasons, just let me know (post a link to your standings page), and I will add even more badges to your tally!


Thanks! And in that case, I’ll claim 2015 as well :slight_smile:


I actually went back today and added multiple Championship badges for all those in this thread that notified me of multiple wins over the years. Impressive 5 from @Zeezil


I won two this year. Hook a brother up!




Hello I won two this year:

Also, do we get badges for previous years? If so, i can post links to those as well. Same leagues, three additional ones. Thanks.




Yes, post the others. Badges awarded for each Championship, even those in prior seasons. This would be a total of 5?


Nice. I’ve got you down for four Championships


I won in 345 in 2015. League is no longer active though so I don’t have a link is that able to be looked up?


Correct, total of five. And so just to be clear, here are all five. The first two were from this year (and already awarded), the last three were previous years.


Thanks again.


I’ve added all five - congrats!


My 2nd championship this season! []Oy With The Poodles Already(


Attention champions of the @community! Here is the link to apply to the new Ottoneu Champions League Division B:

Message me @sabrmagician or @dspracale on slack if you have any questions or feedback