Ottoneu Baseball Championship Badge

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Looks like the race in both those leagues was tight to the very end. Way to hold on. Congrats.


gibsmedat badge


Big win - congratulations.



Another very close race. Congrats. You’ve earned your badge.


Trailed all year.


Congrats. Tight race. I’m always surprised when I look at these winning teams and on paper (lineup) they don’t look star-studded. In this case Puig is your highest paid hitter!



Very impressive win considering Stanton and Pollock were down for so long.


I paid a lot for Dee Gordon too. It was pickups like Jose Ramirez that saved me.


That’s because puig was a FA in this year’s draft. I prefer depth to stars. I was able to make it through injuries to: Ross, Hill, Yu, Dallas, Story, Lamb, Starling, Carpenter, and Blackmon.

Too late to request that badge?


Not at all. Congrats!



Two years in a row!


Nice win, and with the $80 Trout. Congrats


Wow, and that team is setup well for next year two. Go for the three-peat.


My first win! Prevented a three-peat for a seemingly unbeatable opponent! (And thanks!)


Looks like with Greinke and Strasburg going down to injury late, you just barely held him off. Congrats!


Finally winning this is almost, almost as good as getting my phd (well, I guess I’ll let you know on the latter).