Ottoneu Basics

Great article from @jjdouglas on a simple, effective way to calculate player “value” in trade negotiations:

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so the line “Adds, Drops/cuts” should be split, leaving it as is for the drops/cuts and adding one for Adds?

Yeah, that’s probably a good idea given the way you have everything broken out

Thanks for the suggestion, I updated the file (will also update Slack)

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Everybody in my league is new to Ottoneu, so I am being more lenient with helping to fix mistakes as commissioner for the first little bit while we all familiarize our selves with the new format. Does the commissioner have the power to cancel an open bid on a player?

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No, but once an auction is completed, the commissioner can REMOVE a player from the team, and that team will not have a cap penalty.

I strongly agree with your premise of being more lenient early on.

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A little confused on the scoring for old school 5vs5. How are the rankings determined in relation with the statistics?

Sorry, I just saw this question. In 5x5 and 4x4 leagues, you get 12 points for leading a category, 11 for being in second place, etc. The standings are a summation of these points. The detailed Standings page has a full breakdown.

Old article but could be helpful for anyone new to the game in @Ottoneu101

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Was double checking my calcs and finally unearthed this article. Feels like I had to dig for it, though. Would recommend these tables be included in the Rules for pts and sabr leagues. Maybe the League Settings page?

And I have per your suggestion added this page:

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Nice! As usual I just didn’t see something. Although I’m not sure in this case I’d even find them in that new location. Maybe it has to do with the separation of the primary menu from the secondary menu. I hadn’t noticed there were more to Rules than Rules until you pointed it out. It could also be that I’m over-opinionated. Thanks Niv.


I’ll link the scoring setting on the league settings over to that new Scoring Options page.


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I’m totally new here and I’m looking at giving Ottoneu a try. First question is where do I start? Are there still rookie leagues going?

Apologies if this is in the wrong place. Like I say, looking to start from scratch.



Start here: Resources for *new* ottoneu Fantasy Baseball owners

Read the rules. Ask questions. People are pretty helpful. I played Ottoneu for the first time and won one of my leagues.

There are leagues that specify that they are intended for those new to Ottoneu.

Good luck!