Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

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Could anyone point me toward some past articles about how to approach player evaluation using the Fangraphs points scoring system? I’m familiar with evaluating players for leagues using more traditional statistics (OBP, HR, R, SB, etc.), but It seems that ranking players in a Fangraphs points league would require a slightly different methodology because a manager has to take into account so many different factors for hitters and pitchers. Of course, it is also possible that I’m making this more difficult than it needs to be. Thanks for any guidance.


There are a lot of resources (and @OttoneuTrades usually releases an auction calculator closer to the spring), but this post by @chy924 might be a good place to start:


Can anyone point to an article that may explain the draft procedures or rules of an auction draft? I’m wondering, if you set a player for auction do you have another chance to bid or is the price that you set your only bid?


Here’s a video of the auction draft room:


@LuckyStrikes. Thanks for the draft link. I think I can navigate thru the draft room. With that in mind,do you think there will be any other beginner leagues starting up? I took to long to decide if I would be able to play in the 1st league available. It is already filled. I definitely want to play in a league now.


I think there will be multiple beginner leagues for 2017. A ton of new, interested owners check out Ottoneu in January/February, so this community will be busy networking and putting new leagues together later this winter.


Can anyone steer me in the right direction for info pertaining to an auction draft strategy? Also,I’m curious to hear comments/strategy concerning how important,or how much to value prospects when your putting together a team from the ground floor.


There are a lot of resources on both the auction and prospect values buried in the Ottoneu feed on RotoGraphs. I would recommend the @Ottoneu101 start here:


I wanted to let it be known that I’m interested in playing in a beginners league. Please keep me in mind if you start another league. Thanks!


I am in as well! @Timmy_RedLeg


@LuckyStrikes are all ottoneu leagues mixed AL/NL? I would be interested in joining a Beginner league that is an AL only version if that is possible


Since all leagues are 12 teams with 40 man rosters, there are no “only” leagues. The depth of the player pool is one of the big things that sets Ottoneu apart. But that doesn’t mean you can’t join a beginner league, and I expect many to form over the next two months.


I’ve seen the links for surpluss calculators and auction calculators,along with other tools. I don’t always know or understand what I’m looking at. My question is,is their a calculator that has 2017 values in all formats. 5x5,4x4,Fg puts,etc… Or is it to early for that? I don’t know how to come up with the values you guys use and would like to have some dollar amounts to look at to give me an idea of what I might need to bid to win a player.

Ottoneu Average Salaries for FGPTS Leagues

Tim, some people may disagree, but I do think the Average Salaries data can be helpful for a new player entering their first ever draft. Again, just like projections, do use them as gospel, but it’s a good indicator of what particular players are valued at throughout leagues. One thing you can do is pull the data for whatever format you choose to play in (or all of them) and then create a column on the right that you plus up or plus down throughout the off season as you read and analyze players. For example, if the average price for Jose Bautista is $41, but you just don’t believe he’s worth that because he signs with SFG or is old, or whatever reason, you can tap down the value throughout the off-season, just to go with your gut. Maybe he’s $36 (-$5), or $32 (-$9)…just depends on how you feel about that player.

In fact, I’ll create something for everyone in @Ottoneu101 that might be helpful and post it here soon. Each season I create my own auction draft sheet too and I’ll send a copy of that out as well so you can use it during your auction if you like.


That would be great. Thank you. But I don’t know where the tools link is that your referring to. Do you have to be in a league before you gain access to that option?


Ah, yes, you probably have to be in a league to access it. I’m working on something I can put out there for the group in Google Sheets that prospective owners can access before joining. Should have it done tomorrow probably.


Ok thanks. Yeah as soon as another beginner league starts forming I will try to get in that league.


@LuckyStrikes I’m looking at the Ottoneu Surplus Calculator 2017. It shows Trout at $68,Kershaw is 2nd at $63,Betts is 10th $44. Is this each players value as it stands today? Are these values comparable to what they will be on the 1st of April '17? I’m trying to figure out if I can use these numbers to work with right now and know that they won’t change a whole lot when March gets here? Also,aren’t the values different depending what contest your in? If so is there a way I can see the values for each contest? I know you said you were working on something similar to what I’m looking for,and I don’t mean to be impatient,I’m just wondering if I can use this until then?


The Surplus Calculator has distinct $ values for each of the four ottoneu scoring types (they pull in automatically based on league #, but they are also all on separate tabs on the sheet). Those values are based on early Steamer projections, and should be considered just a rough guide of value this early in the offseason. There is a lot that can happen between now and March (players moving teams, role changes, ZiPS projections, etc). By the time auctions start we should have crowd sourced $ values, plus our own consensus $ values in addition to updated Surplus Calc values.


I figured out how to view the values for each contest.