Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

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Nsandll- I"m trying to convince like 3-6 folks including me to join up…


I think I can get 4-5 to be a little more specific


I am in on the beginners league as well


Really good to see this @Ottoneu101 group putting beginner leagues together. I think you guys will really enjoy Ottoneu while entering the game at the same time. My favorite league is still the one I joined with several random people 6 years ago.


What’s up everyone? I’m looking to join a new league. Fangraph scoring and Allocation Arbitration. :slight_smile: anyone have any openings or starting one?


Can I get a slack invite mohan dot jim at gmail dot com?


Can I please be added as well? $10 and SABR preferred. Only done ESPN Dynasty


Hi @LuckyStrikes, I am interested in joining a beginner league. Thanks.


Would love to join a beginner league, if there are any spots still available


Lots of people still looking for beginners leagues so I’ve added a few names to @Ottoneu101 and would encourage you all to network here to arrange a few new leagues for “rookies” only. It’s very easy to start a league, and we can help answer any setup or commish questions too if needed. Lots of new leagues form in January too.


@GothamsBaseball @cbraves9333 whats up guys how about we start a $10 fgpts league?


@leakeb @GothamsBaseball I am in forsure… no interest in 4x4? Either way I’m in


@cbraves9333 @leakeb I am interested in really any of the scoring options.


I like the FGPTS and allocation arbitration just because that’s what a lot of their calculators and articles and conversation seem to be more geared towards especially values of players. What do you guys think? @GothamsBaseball @cbraves9333


@cbraves9333 @leakeb FGPTS sounds good to me.


@GothamsBaseball @leakeb Alright FGPTS is good with me as well


@GothamsBaseball @cbraves9333 who wants to be the commish and what would you like the league name to be? :slight_smile:


@leakeb @cbraves9333 I don’t have any great ideas for a league name at the moment. Is anyone else interested in being commissioner?


@leakeb @GothamsBaseball Either of you two want to be commissioner? I have never been a commish before.


@cbraves9333 @leakeb do you want to be commissioner? I haven’t ever been a commissioner before either.