Ottoneu Beginner Leagues

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@erdero you want in as well? you’d be our 8th player


Perfect @mdewolfe PM us the league details!



Can you send me an invite for Slack? My league is on Slack and I can’t seem to get a response via email to my Slack requests.



Would people be interested in a 49.99 league for beginners?


Created a 49.99 league for beginners. Name is “108 Stitches”. FanGraphs Points, Allocation arb system. Need 9 more owners. Join!


I think @Timmy_RedLeg was looking for a beginner league earlier today


@Timmy_RedLeg join league 108 stitches. Fangraphs points and allocation arb system.


I found a league already, and I’m only looking to do one this year. Thanks for the offer, though!


Looking for an active owner to join our international 5x5 rookie league! Interested owners can find the team under the name “Win one for Schottzie” on the page with abandoned teams. As soon as the final spot has been taken we’ll go ahead and find us a couple of nice draft dates.


@LuckyStrikes, Can you please add me to this category?


@LuckyStrikes I’d be interested in joining a rookie league (prefer 5x5) to get my feet wet. Experienced fantasy player but new to Ottoneu.


Great, welcome. I’ve added you to the @Ottoneu101 distribution list for beginners, and I’d encourage you to post your interest in joining a developing league in the Leagues Wanted group here in the community, and keep a look out here:


Maximus. I’m a co-commissioner in a 1st year league (5x5) and we’re looking for one more owner. If you’re still looking for a league and might be interested let me know. I’ll share our charter and application with you.


I’m looking to join a $49.99 points league for my first go at Otteoneu. What I do not understand how the payout structure works. There seems to be a leftover $30 of price money that I do not see calculated into the winnings. I know that $9.99 of the fee is for the use of the site, but when the prize breakdown is shown at 300/100/50, it’s not adding up. Just wanted to make sure that if I do join a $49.99 league I know where all my money is going to.

With that said, I’m an owner looking for a spot in a new league!

Stumptown Lagers


Last week I’ve posted about an opening for our rookie 5x5 league and I’ve got a few responses, but unfortunately we haven’t had much luck locking up that final spot so there’s still one vacancy.

Basically we’re looking for another ottoneu rookie who plans to be active. That’s all!

Interested owners can find the team on the page with available teams or send me a message we’ll figure things out. Looking forward to filling up the league!



@LuckyStrikes can you send me an invite to Slack? I can’t seem to get an invite no matter who I email. Thank you!


Is there any explanation somewhere on how the $49.99 breaks down?

Also I was hoping that since we are within 30 days of Spring Training more owners would be on here. I’m willing to be commissioner of a league (fangraph points), so is there any interest in joining at $49.99 fan graphs league? Draft would have to be prior to 3/21 or later than 3/29.


any more space in 108 stitches?


Please add me @LuckyStrikes

I am also VERY interested in joining a beginner league. Have played fantasy baseball in the past, never on Ottoneu, and I want to get back into it.



Could you please add me to the list, @LuckyStrikes?