Ottoneu Community on Discourse & Slack

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We have 700+ people discussing Ottoneu fantasy on a daily basis in the community, which includes both Discourse (“official”, and designed for long-form reference discussion/reference), and Slack (invite-only and generally used for quick but less permanent discussion, and is not affiliated with Ottoneu).

How do you join Discourse? It’s free and easy - just click the link at the top right of the Ottoneu fantasy sports page.

How do you join Slack? Just provide your email address to @eamuscatuli or @LuckyStrikes to request an invite. You can also send an invite to anyone else you’d like to join Slack.


This may be relevant here but @eamuscatuli had a good response today that probably needs to be captured about why the Ottoneu community needs both Discourse and Slack:

"There are lots of reasons.

  1. Slack is invite only, and some users have tried to request invites but their requests have fallen through the cracks (unfortunately)
  2. The Discourse community is public, and anyone can view it. Also, the login/user info is tied directly to FG/ottoneu login, which is nice
  3. The Discourse community is “official”, and run directly through the ottoneu site. This Slack community is great, and isn’t going away, but we’ve always been an unofficial community.
  4. Due to Slack’s pricing structure, we lose visibility to all of our messages here after two or three days. That won’t be a problem on Discourse.
  5. Given the last reason, it will be easier for users to find links to RotoGraphs articles, tools, podcasts, etc. It will also be easier for new owners to search for answers to questions that get asked constantly here on Slack, because there is no way to see if that question has already been answered.
  6. The best way to think about Discourse is as a portal for new owners, and a repository for the types of content we lose visibility to here. Slack will still be the place to go for real time chats with other owners and leaguemates. No reason the two can’t coexist in their respective niches."