Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball T-shirts Available (Limited Number)

There are only 8 M shirts available, L and XL are sold out.

I shipped about 1/3 of the orders today - you should receive emails with tracking numbers once your order is shipped. I’ll continue shipping orders into next week.

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Thank you. The shirt is fantastic, I really appreciate it! Hopefully it will help bring my Ottoneu team out of this second half tailspin (dropped from 2nd to 6th!).

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Glad you like it. Thank you for buying a shirt and supporting Ottoneu!

We are officially sold out of our initial run of t-shirts. I’m getting them to the post office every day, so if you haven’t received yours yet, you will soon.

I’m really happy that these were well-received, and I look forward to doing more limited run swag in the future. If you have thoughts on what you’d like to see or thoughts on this initial run, please let me know.

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give a quick update on t-shirts. We had 80 total orders, 52 of which have been shipped. The remaining 28 will be shipped next week, as I am not available to ship out shirts this week. I plan on having all the original orders shipped before the end of this month. I appreciate your patience and I hope you all enjoy your shirts.

If you have any questions or concerns about your shirt order, please email and I’ll get back to you as fast as possible.

For those of you who missed out on the initial order or needed a larger size, we are doing an extremely limited 2nd run of this shirt. It’ll be the same color scheme exactly, and this will be the last time we will be selling this particular color scheme for at least a couple of years. I’ll have more details on this second run next week, but there will be Men’s L, XL, and XXL available.

Do not hesitate to email me at if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks agani for your patience and for your support of Ottoneu Fantasy Sports.


I would love to get in on the second run if possible!!


Id like to be in also xxl

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The second run is already ordered, I just need to receive it and verify inventory before I put them on sale. I’ll update in a week or so!


Niv …………I love otto and how you run the site. I would buy 4-5 t shirts if available…XXl

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Me too! Niv you’re awesome

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Really appreciate the kindness y’all. Hope to have a shirt update for you very soon!

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I’m in as well… XXL

Just wondering if you have any plans for a long sleeved shirt in the future. If not, I look forward to getting a t-shirt this round.

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Really open to feedback on non-short-sleeve-T-shirt products, so please let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to see. I’ll maybe set up a poll down the line as well to gauge interest.

Any update on this most recent order?

I haven’t received the shirts quite yet due to a printing snafu. I’ll update as soon as I do.


Any update on the shirts yet?

I have 7 more orders from the first set to ship out still. I’m planning to pick up the second set (larger sizes) tomorrow morning. I’ll hopefully have a good update tomorrow on both these fronts.

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We now have 10 more Men’s L, 9 more Men’s XL and 20 Men’s XXL t-shirts in the exact same design as the ones at the top of this thread. The store has been updated:

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We are out of Men’s L. 4 more Men’s XLs, 13 more Men’s XXLs.