Ottoneu-related mailbag on The Athletic

The Athletic is doing a mailbag about “alternative fantasy baseball leagues” and Ottoneu is included. Pack the mailbag with questions and I’ll answer as many as I can:


Have you thought about doing any sort of “Podcast Tour” where you talk/brag about Ottoneu? Plenty of good podcasts to give you the audience, and think you could persuade a number by the simple fact of “no more chasing wins or stolen bases - just draft the best players”.

Just a thought.

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I prefer roto scoring in Ottoneu so I may not make this particular pitch :wink:

But yeah, I have been on the Sirius XM Fantasy channel and plan on going again this year. Might need to do the FG and Eno’s pod this spring as well!


Yeah Eno name drops Ottoneu on rates and Barrels all the time. You should definitely spread the word!!

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The mailbag has been published, for those of you with a subscription to The Athletic:

Thanks for sending in questions. It was a lot of fun!