Ottoneu Slack


Is there an email for Trey around here? I’ve apparently been banned from Slack because of some new power trip and would like to understand what I’ve done to get banned after being active in that community for over two years. Seems he has decided it was his duty to determine who could talk in the public channels and instead of identifying his friends as issues on there he is taking issue with others. An email would be great so it could be discussed further.


Any help here robot since you’re (always) online?


Looks like the ban has been lifted, although I still would really like to know what happened/why it happened. Thank you.


I am not an admin on the Ottoneu Slack. You do not need to be on Slack to play Ottoneu (many users are not!). It’s run by Trey and it is up to him on who gets to participate in the community. Users are welcome to be part of these community forums and also to play Ottoneu without having to participate in any community forums, but Slack is not something I can speak to one way or another.


If you need an answer about this, Trey is active on these forums as well and you should feel free to respectfully message him.


It’s an Ottoneu-based Slack environment, that is based entirely around your customers. I just figured it would be of interest that someone running that environment under the Ottoneu brand was randomly deactivating accounts and refusing to respond to any questions about why or what happened. But I appreciate someone at least acknowledging it at this point.


I have done so on here, through email, and on Slack, as have others for the last several hours to no avail.