Ottoneu Update 9/2/2018

Today’s the last day of the Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball regular season for those of you in playoff leagues. Congrats to those teams that will make the playoffs and better luck to those that won’t! I figured today would be a good day to remind everyone what to expect tomorrow and to lay out some plans for the rest of the year.

Tomorrow morning at 4am, the first round of playoff games should be generated. I have tested this and believe it will work, but I expect there will be a few issues here and there that I didn’t consider. So I plan on being up around 8a to check in on the playoffs and address any issues. My expectation is that all playoffs issues will be resolved by noon ET, but even if they aren’t, lineups can be set and that is what matters the most.

If you see issues with the teams picked for the playoffs or otherwise having issues with playoff games, please open a thread in the Tech Support forum and I will address everything ASAP.

I have 4 other projects I’m working on now through the end of October:

  1. Football search needs to be improved so that it is easier to find free agents. This is my top priority after the baseball playoffs start.

  2. The pricing change to baseball needs to be fully implemented.

  3. I need to explore a hard cap for pitcher game starts for H2H leagues.

Look for updates about each of these 3 projects in the near future.

Thanks so much for playing Ottoneu Fantasy Sports!


It looks like playoff games didn’t generate properly because of a simple error that I’m fixing right now.

Playoff games are now properly generated - please let me know if you see any issues with your league’s playoff games.

Hey Niv - still doesn’t look like my league matchups were properly generated. Thanks for your help.

You guys are all set now, yeah?

There was an issue generating playoff games for leagues that were not H2H prior, but that should be resolved now.

It looks like in the league i am commish for, my 11-10 made the playoffs over the 12-9 team that has less points than me. Its the otto begginers leaue, not sure where to find the league number.

You can link your league’s home page and I’ll check it out. For future reference, the league ID is the number before “home” in that URL.

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Wow, what a close finish! I see what happened here and the matchups should be updated shortly.

Thank you very much

Should be all fixed now!

Hey Niv in H2H WC it’s the top 3 teams from each division right? If so shouldn’t I be playing someone else?

Nvm I’m an idiot. Just re-read the playoff forum

No worries, I know I was a little inconsistent in laying out those rules.

I haven’t seen any other issues but I’ll be online until games start today to make sure scoring goes well for everyone. Please email or post here if you are running into any problems at all.


If you are moving off a 5SP format (i.e. Roto/season-long points leagues) to the 2SP H2H format for the playoffs, you may be having trouble setting your lineup. I am actively investigating.

Lineups should now be working for these leagues - please let me know if not.

I am not seeing any playoff matchups in the H2H league that I am commissioner for.

Could you please link me to your league’s home page so I can look at the league settings?