Owner Needed for Past a Diving Jeter (filled)

New league being formed, and one spot left in 16 team H2H FG Points league. Prize pool tbd, please reach out if interested.

I’m interested if buy-in is $50 or $75 and the draft doesn’t go past midnight on a weeknight. I’m in one other Ott H2H league in which I won the inaugural championship and made the playoffs last season in year 2. I’m competitive and typically make several trades a year. Live in Chicago.

Yeah, we aren’t sure on buy-in yet, so if that is an issue let me know. Draft is on a Sunday I believe, I currently have it scheduled for 4pm est, but will try to move it up. Most of us are east coast, with one from California. Handful have done OttoNeu at least once and the rest are heavy Scoresheet players.


Sorry, as for the buy-in I am going to put it to a vote, but I will have to manage money (they only manage for 12 team leagues I believe). My guess is either $0, $50 or $100 on top of $20 to sign up.

OK. I’m in Chicago. I’m interested but would prefer not to play for $0. Let me know what you need from me to sign me up.

Just your email. I will send you the invite and the league password.

Also, your feedback on this I just sent out to league. 1) Being that this is the initial auction, I am going to move the time slot up to 1pm est (knowing we have some west coast and mid west teams I don’t want to go earlier). Anyone have a conflict there? Just let me know.

  1. Pool money. If we had a 12 team league OttoNeu would manage it. My plan is to set up a Venmo account for the league to collect and distribute back out at end of season. My thoughts on payout (to keep it simple) are 10% to each division winner, 10% to the runner up and 70% to the champion. I was also thinking either $50 or $100. Let me know your thoughts.

patguinane at gmail

1 pm EST on a Sunday works. Payouts are your call. $50 buy-in is my preference but $100 is fine too.

Invite sent. Password is bloodysock

Sorry for lurking, but I wanted to say I acknowledge the interest in having Ottoneu manage prizes for leagues sizes other than 12-teamers.

Lurk away, and not a big deal. I am used to managing much more than I have to here so it isn’t bad at all. I tend to make things harder on myself anyway. Hopefully I am bringing a bunch of converts to your league (though I will always love playing the Scoresheet format too).

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Really the only 2 formats that interest me anymore. Feel like they combine the GM economic side and the manager side (lineups, etc.)

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Touch on is probably better phrasing than combine.