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I was wondering if it would be possible to set up the same system that shows if someone is online in the community forum to be used in a league setting. This would let owners know if someone else was visiting the league at the same time. If I saw owner A was at the site, then I know it might be good time to send a message or a trade offer. If I have a pending trade offer and the owner shows up and leaves without responding to the offer I could send a message asking why. Just a though I had when visiting the forum.



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Besides being a bit of an intensive engineering effort (fwiw I didn’t write the forum software, a huge team did that is way better at this than me!), there was some concern when I had precise “when was this person last online” information on the site around figuring out who was starting auctions. So, I wonder if that’s still a concern?

I agree with Niv’s concern that this is going to feel too intrusive. The only difference with the other concern is this would be insider info only for those who are logged in at the same time.

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I see a lot of downsides and not any upside.

That would be quite annoying. That’s like sending a text and following it up 30 seconds later asking why no reply.

You also can see when other team’s had their last activity by visiting your team messages and clicking on the team name. That has the granularity of a day, which means in the above scenario you can at least see if you got no response on a trade offer despite a team being active over a day after receiving it.

All great points that I did not consider when I was making the suggestion. My apologies for taking up your time Niv and not thinking this request out thoroughly before sending.


Please do not apologize. This was a well-intentioned request that resulted in a good conversation. That is precisely what these forums are here for.