Owner Wanted for Old School 5x5 $50 league

DCRBI (League #871) looking for owner for Horror of the Shade (Trout, Cole, Tatis Jr…)

Active league, draft date not yet set but likely weekend before opening day.

@AndrewR i’m interested !

Great! Thanks for responding so quickly. We do weekly transactions and we’re looking at a draft on the last weekend before opening day - probably at about 9:00et. Will that work?

that works !

Great. I will see if I can add you. The league password is ChaseUtley#1 and is case sensitive. Of you have any problems, let me know

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i’m in, thanks!

I would be interested in seeing the roster and maybe claiming the team, do you have a link ?

I’m Papi Fantasy (landry.deschamps@videotron.ca

thanks for the interest but we’ve filled the slot. There is still one player who hasn’t confirmed for this season - if he bails, I will let you know. Thanks