Owners Needed - $50 2-Flex PPR League

Hey everyone. We’re looking for some new owners in our league. All open teams listed below. Feel free to message me with any questions.


Odd Shaped Balls

Golladay Inn Express

Hold the Door

Interested in Odd Shaped but wondering about draft date.

We’re not sure yet, as we still need the league to fill up. Hoping for next weekend.

I could do next week except for Friday and Saturday or anytime the following week.

I can take over Jetblackpope. Can I cut guys for full salary back, before draft?

Awesome. Yes, once you take over the team you can message me with whomever you want to cut.

Do you still have teams available?

We still have two teams available. Down to one if the guy above claims one of them.

Claimed and paid. Looking forward to it

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This league is now full. Thank you to everyone that joined and good luck this season!

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